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Site Safety Solutions Group

Safety is not a body. Safety is an interdependent culture. ValSource’s Construction and Site Safety Solutions Group is the logical next step of ValSource’s in-house safety training program. The in-house safety training was a judicious first step, and embodies ValSource’s belief that no one can competently facilitate or practice safety without initially understanding its processes, myriad of methods, best practices and inferior practices that masquerade as robust safety solutions.

Our proven methods focus on proactively identifying high impact leading indicators of behaviors and job tasks. Our expertise will help drive down lagging indicators, provide solutions for the remaining lagging indicators, and prepare the foundation for the catalyst that will create a sustainable interconnected culture of safety that is aligned with your company’s strategic goals and objectives.

To close the final gap in safety, Valsource’s Construction and Site Safety Solutions Group has implemented a safety module within PIMS that streamlines safety data reporting and provides timely access to near misses, project safehours, Safety Observation Reporting, audits, and incident reporting. With this information we can provide rapid and effective safety solutions in today’s business climate.

Today, ValSource offers clients worldwide a full suite of customizable construction and site safety solutions through our site audits and consultations.

Construction & Site Safety Solutions

Safety Data Collection & Analysis

Site Safety Coaching

Site Safety Mentoring

Corporate & site-specific safety planning

Project Audits

Industrial Hygiene

Pre-project Safety Management

Project Safety Management

Safety Staffing

Safety Consulting

Safety Culture Facility Messaging & Collateral

Ergonomic Assessments

OSHA construction & general industry training,

representation & mediation

Hazardous Waste Operations – Hazwoper

Confined Space Entry & Rescue

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

ISNetworld Support

Written Health & Safety Programs

Accident & Incident Investigations

Contractor Qualification


ValSource’s Construction and Site Safety Solutions extend beyond meeting and satisfying the requirements and regulations of various government and regulatory agencies. ValSource’s safety approach is based on instituting, teaching and nurturing an interdependent safety culture. The safety culture presents a compounding success model for ValSource clients. As the safety culture becomes progressively more ingrained, its benefits to all stakeholders are increased.


Safety cops are obsolete.

Teaching and nurturing a safety culture creates an atmosphere of “self-policing.” Over time, this leads to a virtually safety-crime free environment. The safety culture begins even before the project, at the point of concept. Early safety planning and process development at the project concept stage provide the opportunity and space to engineer many foreseeable and predictable safety issues “out of the project,” before they arise.

While project concept is the ideal point for the safety conversation to begin, for a host of very valid reasons, there are other phases within the project when safety solutions must come into play.

ValSource’s Construction and Site Safety Solutions span all the critical phases of a project:
Concept | Design | Construction | Maintenance | Operations

To learn more about the ValSource’s Construction and Site Safety Solutions Group, contact ValSource Senior Safety Director Fred Hammonds at 864-630-9719 or